Friday, 24 February 2012


The strongest weapon that a human has, after a pen, is perhaps his/her tongue. Well, to be more scientifically right - The tongue + the vocal chords. But most often we find this precious weapon gifted to us, freezing at moments we need it the most.

Just as any weapon, the ability to communicate effectively could turn tables and work wonders. Toastmasters is a platform that helps you master your public speaking ability and leadership skills - is what they say. But to us, it has been more than just that!

So here we are - Toastmasters of Tamilnadu - building a new club open-to-all to reap the benefits of this wonderful moment. A world of learning and fun where nobody teaches and preaches. The stage beckons. The natural process of failing happens and with the constructive feedback of other members, a transformation happens... The speaker and leader in you, gradually cracks that shell and crawls out - brave and bold.

Enough said! Join us on our zeroth meeting on 04th March 2012 -

What : Chennai Communicator's Toastmasters Club
Where : Sunshine Chennai Senior Secondary School
When : 04th March 2012, 3pm to 5pm
What should I bring : Your attention.
What if I miss this : You can visit us on any other Sunday at the same time and venue. We're here to stay!
How do I reach you : Text "CCC" <space> "your name" <space> "your mail-id" to 9884882495. You'll find all the details you'll want in your mailbox.

See you there! :)